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Choose the Best Online Games to Play on PC

Who says you can’t have a fun time with friends during home confinement? Smartphones and computers offer the opportunity to connect with those close to us to chat, eat, or toast together, and even play fun titles that test our skills and ingenuity.

Applications such as the Android Play Store or the App Store for iPhone host different multiplayer online games in which you can create games against friends or challenge other users connected to the same title. Also, the game consoles themselves have a wide offer to connect online and face a common enemy or each other.

There is a huge number of online games in which one can play with friends in online mode. Many of them are free of cost and easily download from the Google play store, and few are paid. Below is a list of a few of such type of best online games which one can play online with friends:

1. Call of Duty: One of the most successful titles in mobile games’ history is being the popular Call of Duty.  Game lover should not miss to play this game.

2. Brawl stars: Another game that cannot be absent from any top multiplayer game is Brawl Stars. It is a multi-user game and can be played with more than 1 person. It is available on the Google store. 

3. Draw Something: One of the best games to have fun with friends, family, or even strangers is Draw Something. This is the contemporary version of the classic Pictionary, where one of the players must guess what the drawing made by one of the members represents before time runs out.

4. Vainglory: There are also perfect titles for strategy game lovers, and Vainglory is undoubtedly one of the best. It is also a multi-user game that is enjoyed with more than `1 friend.

5. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: A game is perfect for those moments of relaxation where shooting, impossible jumps, and stealth do not feel like it. Given the success of the latest installment of the Animal Crossing saga for Nintendo Switch, it never hurts to visit this wonderful world on our phone … especially if we do it with our friends.

6. Team Fortress 2, beyond the hats:  Don’t be fooled by its carefree appearance, as this first-person shooter boasts a design that is measured to the millimeter and balanced with astonishing perfection.

7. Eve Online, the galaxy without limits:  You say that I can create my own spaceship, totally personalized, and sail with thousands of solar systems, fulfilling missions of all kinds and participating in numerous activities? And where do you say you have to sign? Well, ‘Eve Online’ is a dream comes true for science fiction lovers.

Conclusion: so download the online as per your system requirement and according to your taste. There is no doubt that online games are the best source of entertainment with friends who are far from you.

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